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What is already accomplished?

How not to become a vegetable

(by December 15, 2021)

8 700 000

Times the educational materials were read in the most popular media of Ukraine (Ukrainska Pravda, NV etc)

769 200

Views of the materials at Ukrainska Pravda

5 944 000

Minutes streaming of the educational material on the official pages of How not to become a vegetable on YouTube and Facebook

15 000+ 

Books about information hygiene been sold

100 000+

People who took courses of information hygiene


Ukrainian locations where information hygiene is being taught


nationwide studies

What is the problem?


Research showed, that 3% of Ukrainians managed to detect the fake news (in 2019 there were 11% them)

These people just answered the questions during the poll, and were not preassured by streams of various information like in real life. Besides half of the Ukrainians are sure that they can detect fake news.


of Ukrainians in Facebook don’t observe the information hygiene

They share the links to the unreliable sources, fake news, disinformation, and take the tests that steal personal data. The situation is the same with the employees of big companies.


of Ukrainians get the news from the social networks. It's more than those who use TV or other sources

Social networks have nothing to do with the objective information. Instead, they are the key spreaders of the information viruses. You have to be proficient at discerning of lies so you could use social networks as news sources.


People are lack the knowledge to spot red herrings.

Many Ukrainians were brought up in analog era and in the totalitarian country.

Nobody has explained them how the new reality works - about democracy, market and information.

And populists suggest quick and easy solutions to the complicated problems.

В чому проблема?

What is the gist of the initiative called How not to become a vegetable

Lack of information immunity is a complex and serious problem.


It is impossible to solve it without two basic skills: ability to filter information and understanding of how key spheres of life - government, economy, medical care, international policy, digital world, popular science - work.


“How not to become a vegetable” helps you to master these crucial skills.


My goal is to educate 7 million Ukrainians on information hygiene by 2024.

What is already accomplished (September 2020 - December 2021)


Information sent. Thank you!

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