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Nation of Vegetables?
How not to become a vegetable

Fight for the truth


Nation of Vegetables? How information changes mindset and behavior of the Ukrainians


In this book you will find various cases, explained in common language, that show how the media space transforms us, changes our mindset, behavior and life.


Ukraine is a real example of how information immunity has been ruined in 20 years.


For the first time, the book shows people behind the scene of the industry which creates information viruses, but it also gives us real instruments to protect ourselves from them.


The book was written for ordinary people who are not communications experts.


It has won Book of the year 2020, Ukrainian national award ("Horizons" nomination ), and took the 3rd place in KBU AWARDS-2020 ("Best book for personal growth" nomination).

The book was published by Yakaboo Publishing in 2020.

How not to become a vegetable. Survival guide in media space

Як не стати овочем (Актуальна тема) 2133 мокап.jpg

How often does it seem like you've been fooled on the Internet?


Or maybe you realize that some news or a post is a manipulation or fraud but don’t understand who woul need to do that.


The "Which Saint takes care of you" Facebook test, "Tomorrow you’ll have to pay for Viber – send this message to others so that it stays free for you" message, request to ‘Send this message and we’ll send 1 cent for the medical care’ – all od these tricks and many other have only one job. They aim to fool you. In the How not to become a vegetable.


Survival guide in media space book by Oksana Moroz you will find essential information on manipulations and deceit of the digital world. This information is presented in easily comprehended form: ‘content– reason – consequences – what to do’. You will find here no scientific gobbledygook, only common language and real-life examples.


This book will help you to learn:

  • About the manipulations in Facebook, YouTube, Google, Viber, Telegram, Wikipedia and online media;

  • How to use gadgets safely and protect your personal data;

  • How not to swallow the bait of fraudsters and marketing workers;

  • How to find reliable answers to financial, economic, and political questions.

Here you will prove your assumptions, enrich your knowledge, and, most importantly, you’ll find out how not to swallow the bait of fraudsters, politicians and online criminals. Besides this knowledge will help you explain to your nearest and dearest what kind of dangers wait for them online.

Published by Vivat in 2021


Fight for the truth. How my uncle defeated the lies


This is Uncle Ivan’s story. There are millions of people like him. All of them got lost in information, but they want to understand how they are manipulated and avoid being tricked.


Here is a real story of 2019-2020. In this book, you'll read about elections, coronavirus, financial pyramids and many other crucial topics. Uncle Ivan fell into the traps many times before he finally got it.


It's like a magic pill for those who don’t have enough time or arguments to explain why the others shouldn’t listen, watch or read the bullshit. Now you can just give a book. This book.


Our parents taught us how to live. Now it’s time we teach them how to read news.


This book is the winner of Book of the year 2020, Ukrainian national award ("Horizons" nomination), and in BookForum Best Book Award 2020, Director of the Ukrainian Book Institute Olexandra Koval honoured it.

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