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I educate people on information hygiene

Here you can learn how to avoid manipulation in media outlets, social networks, and messengers


I’m Oksana Moroz. I’ve initiated an information hygiene project called 'How not to become a vegetable'

For over 20 years I’ve been working in communications – in corporations, agencies, startups and in my own company. There were many famous politicians and well-known businessmen among my clients.


Now I’m focused on analysis and shaping of the media environment , as well as human behavior research in this regard. Since 2015 I’m regurarily invited to the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School as a guest speaker.

My goal is to educate 7 million Ukrainians on the information hygiene by 2024.

I’m the author and the host of the Should I believe it? podcast on the Culture radio channel . I write books. The first two won Book of the year 2020, the Ukrainian national awards.


  • My book Nation of Vegetables? took the 3rd place in KBU AWARDS-2020 ( "Best book for personal growth" nomination );

  • in BookForum Best Book Award 2020, Director of the Ukrainian Book Institute Olexandra Koval honoured my other book Fight for the truth.


You need me if you want


To protect yourself

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To protect your family and friends


To protect your staff

As there are more and more information viruses in our media environment, it becomes harder to discern them from the truth. Contact me when you decide to make your own choices and avoid manipulators who want to take that choice from you!

It's not an easy task to teach someone the intricacies of filtering information so they were not gullible. If you want to explain your nearest and dearest the perils of disinformation but avoid a conflict which might arise, it's a good time to contact me!

Our world is such a turbulent place to live. The amount of fake news and disinformation increases. All of these affects business and staff’s productivity, their emotional and psychological wellbeing. If you allow me, I can assist you with that.

My approach

I know how the industry of information viruses works from the inside. I teach people how to outsmart manipulators.

My approach is based on the understanding of how the misinformation is spread. As the themes of the information viruses are constantly changing, they are proliferated in the same ways. So, I teach to recognize the patterns.


If you are a company representative or an event manager and your audience is interested in information hygiene, I’ll create a topic and adjust a format specifically for your needs.

Sometimes I have public lectures or training courses. You can find the announcements about them on the official site of  How not to become a vegetable and on my personal Facebook page.

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A pandemic must be the best time to take care of hygiene. It's not just about clean hands. In the times of change, it is more important than ever to look at the world around you dispassionately and critically.

The course on information hygiene helped our company a lot with that. About 2,500 of our employees and their family members have taken the course. We received a lot of practical advices on where to get the reliable information, how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from manipulation, how to use social networks wisely and much more.


We thank Oksana for the development of media literacy among Ukrainians. We are proud to be in the first ranks of those who are informed.

Kormotech's Public Relations Director

My publications and broadcasts


Information sent. Thank you!

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